It’s so easy to fall in love with Vietnam.

Travel videos are easy to come by these days: anyone with a camera featuring video-recording capabilities can shoot and put together a montage. However, at times, it takes a little more than that to produce a decent travelogue, such as this short clip by Vimeo user Neal Howland.

Howland visited Vietnam for three weeks in November 2015 and stayed with a local family on Quang Trung Street in Saigon. The weeks he spent in the country resulted in a dynamic, vibrant video that manages to capture the lively essence of Saigon and Vung Tau. “I’ll never forget the beautiful people, culture and landscape of this country,” Howland writes in the video description.

The travelogue features fast transitions and cuts set to the background of spoken words by American author and speaker Alan Watts.

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Have a peek at the beauty of southern Vietnam through the video below:


Via Saigoneer

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